Hi, I’m WOODPLANT aka Dennis Gnoni Visconti.
I am a Motion Picture Editor with a Masters degree in Film Making at Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and specialized in Film Editing in over ten years of experience.
Working at the intersection of fictional and documentary short and long formats, educational concepts, branding, lifestyle marketing, digital products and experiences for large, small and startup companies or freelance individuals.

Raised in Zurich, Switzerland, but at the age of 7 years moved temporarily to beautiful southern Italy for about two years. I’ve been able to enrich myself from these two cultures at an early age, and from this I acquired, among other things, my language skills and the sensitivity to view confrontations from different angles and to give them more space. These qualities also allowed me to better abstract cultural differences. Often acting as a communicative mediator for family, friends and later on in the professional environment, I quickly managed to break down barriers. Especially when it comes to the choice of career - that of film editing - these characteristics are particularly useful, as sensitivity to a number of delicate topics and the necessary empathy and compassion for them must be provided.

I have an affinity for working with, and leading passionate directors to push the boundaries of movies such as long, as well as short formats and innovative commercials and aim to create a long lasting experience with my storytelling. With me you're not in just capable, but caring hands.

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Are you curious where my passion comes from? Back in 2005 I got my first film camera.

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