We Are Antarctica

Documentary, Essay | 8 min | 2022 | Earthrise Studio x Reboot The Future

Uninhabitable to humans, yet impacted by every action we take, today Antarctica stands at a crucial crossroads. Now is the time to reimagine our relationship with this great land and listen to the ancient wisdom of those fighting to protect our last wild areas. It is time to give Antarctica a voice.
Created in partnership with Earthrise Studio and Reboot The Future, We Are Antarctica is a campaign which aims to explore our relationship with Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent.

A huge thanks to Reboot The Future, Foundation 2041, Explorers Passage, Climate Force, Albatross Expeditions and the entire crew that helped make this film possible.
A special thank you to Eisberg Productions and namely Ruben Assenberg van Eijsden & Marco Frei.

Director: Jack Harries | YouTube Channel
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Josua Stäbler | josuastaebler.com
Music by: Gavin Brivik & Philip Daniel | gavinbrivik.com / philipdanielpiano.com
Production: Earthrise Studio | earthrise.studio
Colorist: Peter Hacker | fatrat.de
Sound Design: Markus Andreas | Instagram
Producer, Researcher & Writer: Vivien Cumming | viviencumming.com
Co-Producer: Chloe Puttock | earthrise.studio
Art Director: Beatriz Patarata | behance.net/beatrizpatarata
Distribution: Earthrise Studio & Reboot The Future

2.39:1, Color
Antarctica stands on the frontline of change.
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