Swisscom – #bereit

Commercial | 2 min | 2021 | Stories

Swisscom's current marketing campaign celebrates Switzerland's social diversity. The message: "We're ready" - namely for all the needs of its customers.
A move to the countryside? Entertainment from the sofa? Not interested in technology? Taking responsibility for the next generation or simply partying? The needs and life situations of Swisscom's customers are "as diverse as they are different". Nevertheless, the company wants to make it possible for everyone in the country to "take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the networked world", as it says in the statement on the new campaign.
Or in other words: Swisscom is ready so that its customers are too. This is illustrated with scenes from the daily lives of customers. In each case, they have to assume a responsibility and "be ready".
The campaign is also intended to show that Swisscom is moving with the times and is continuously developing.

Client: Swisscom |
Director: Giger Brothers |
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Pascal Walder |
Colorist: Marina Starke |
Sound Design: Maurizio Bergmann |
Music by: Adi Frutiger
Mix by: Tonstudio Z |
VFX: Juice |
Production Company: Stories |
Executive Producer: Yves Bollag
Line Producer: Nicole Spring |

Key Accountant Manager: Florian Nussbaumer
Postproduction Supervisor: Edoardo Moruzzi
Postproduction Operator: Céline Bindy

16:9, Color
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