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Fiction | 30 min | 2020 | SEVENPEAKS FILM PRODUCTIONS

The ex-local football star René "Bolzmann" Kleinschmidt still hangs in his now gentrified corner pub. From his old glory - he shot Tasmania Berlin into first division - nothing has remained. The young guests make fun of him even more. René wants to gain new recognition by winning a foosball tournament. But what nobody knows is that there is far more at stake for him. He suffers from a brain anorism and is pursued by visions of his former self, at which he threatens to lose his mind.

Director: Janis Westphal
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Julian Lück
Sound Engineer & Sound Design: Fabian Koppri
Music by: Jonathan Dreyfus, Amy Andersen
Producer: Janis Westphal
Line Producer: Björn Vieweg
Coordinating Producer: Sebastian Hermann

1.85:1, Color
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