Swisscom CLASH

Portrait, Webseries, Commercial | 3x 10 min | 2019 | Stories

Directors: ANIMALS, Wendy Pillonel, Luisa Ricar
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti (3/8 Ep)
DoP: Ramón Königshausen, Natascha Vavrina, ANIMALS
Sound Engineers: Julian Joseph, Markus Graber, Benoît Frech
Producer: Stories
Executive Producer: Swisscom

16:9, Color
Ep02 Trap vs. Opera

These full-blooded musicians show how music can bring different worlds together: opera singer Aenaes Humm and Layo Huwyler, aka rapper Skinny Stylus, abandon their usual musical environment and immerse themselves in unfamiliar musical tones – an encounter that could hardly be more sustainable.
Ep 04 Mythe vs. Rêve

The Middle Ages or a mermaid’s spell. Mermaid Cindy Guyot and swordsman Yan Charrière love to escape reality and indulge in their unusual passion. Usually alone, but together for this experiment – their immersion and emergence are truly magical.
Ep07 Fighter vs. Fighter

A fighting spirit burns in transman Meloe Gennai and MMA fighter Federico Gutzwiller. They both go well beyond their limits in pursuit of their dream: courageous, single-minded and passionate. Clear the ring for these two devoted fighters, who show their poetic side during their adventure.

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