On Running: Cloudultra

Commercial, Branded Content | 48 sec | 2021 | HILLTON
The ultra cushioned, ultra comfortable, ultra versatile trail running shoe.
The Cloudultra is the versatile trail shoe made for all-terrain adventure and off-road running. Born in the Swiss Alps, it’s ready to conquer epic mountain mileage, quick bursts through forest glades, rocky routes and gravel paths. And all in total comfort. For more grip and more fun. Made for all-terrain adventures and off-road running. Conquer epic mountain mileage, quick bursts through forest glades and gravel paths.

Client: On Running | on-running.com
Director: Matthias Kappeler | matthiaskappeler.ch
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Sven Probst | svenprobst.ch
Music by: Alessandro Marinelli
Sound Design: Jingle Jungle | jinglejungle.ch
Colorist: Yves Roy Vallaster | colourwolf.com
Producer: Mona Bertschinger | hillton.ch
On Art Direction: Davy Renaud, Diane Deschenaux
Production Assistant: Julia Hallasch
1st AC: Sven Uhlmann
Gaffer: Marco Quandt
VFX: Das Alte Lager | das-alte-lager.com

16:9, Color

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