Coop – Nevi 2021

Commercial, Xmas Campaign | 90 sec | 2021 | Onfilm x Stories

The story with Nevi, the snow monster, continues! Luna, Jonas and Nevi have become a crafty trio and cause many pranks in their neighbourhood. In the process, they come across Flo the squirrel, whose nest has fallen from a tree. Without further ado, Nevi takes Flo into his den, but this is probably not the ideal environment for such a small animal. A Christmas surprise provides a new home for the squirrel and the trio suddenly becomes a quartet.
Once again, director Tobias Fueter stages a visually stunning and touching story for Coop. He was supported by the Frank Barton Company and Hitmill provided another catchy tune as the soundtrack. Perfect Christmas for you and me.
Client: Coop |
Director: Tobias Fueter |
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Jan Mettler |
Colorist: Marina Starke |
VFX: The Frank Barton |
Character Design: Michael Kutsche
Head of CGI: Miguel Glez Viñé
Head of Compositing: Javier García-Plaza
Lead Compositing: Rocío Quevedo
Animation Supervisor: Victor Huang
3D Artist: Francesco Campobasso
FX Artist: Milorad Petkovich
Animators: Jorgo Pozo, Robbie Raio, Suryabhan Singh, Maciej Wojtkiewicz
Match Moving: Yusef El Khadir Palomo
Compositors: Manuel Huertas, Fernando Guerrero, Xavier Arrieta
Matte Painting: Sven Sauer, Marc Zimmermann
Sound Design: Maurizio Bergmann |
Music & Mix by: The Hitmill
Song by: Mark Kelly |
Production Company: Onfilm x Stories |
Executive Producer: Michèle Seligmann & Yves Bollag
Line Producer: Nicole Spring |

Key Accountant Manager: Florian Nussbaumer
Postproduction Supervisor: Edoardo Moruzzi
Postproduction Operator: Céline Bindy

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