This Is Cyclon by On Running

Commercial, Branded Content, Web Series | 6x 4 min | 2020 | HILLTON
On has unveiled a subscription-based service for fully-recyclable, high-performance running gear called Cyclon.
Customers that sign up to Cyclon will receive the latest and greatest running gear On has to offer, before returning the gear when it’s worn out and has reached the end of its life cycle. On will then use the materials to create new running gear, And so the cycle goes.
Nature is not only where we play, it’s also our source for inspiration and above all, our home. So, of course we want to protect it,” says On co-founder Casper Copetti. “That’s why we have embedded sustainability in our processes and company culture. We believe performance and sustainability are two complementary concepts.”
“Cyclon is On’s attempt at addressing the issue of overconsumption that has run rampant in the fashion industry. It’s not the first move into circular fashion, as Adidas launched its Futurecraft Loop last year and Nike has set up systems to enable customers to recycle their worn-out shoes, but it’s most definitely a welcome one.

Client: On Running |
Director: David Bertschinger Karg & Tobias Bonfanti | ANIMALS
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Fabio Tozzo |
Music by: Pablo Nouvelle |
Sound Design: Jingle Jungle |
Colorist: Yves Roy Vallaster |
Producer: Mona Bertschinger
On Producer: Stephan Maurer
On Art Direction: Dennis Ginsig, Jonatan Akay
Production Assistant: Julia Hallasch
Production Design: Ioannis Sochorakis
1st AC: Sven Probst
Gaffer: Simon Wottreng
Additional Camera: Birdview
Ton: Kurt Humann
VFX: Roman Kälin |
Motion Graphics: Samuel Weidmann |

16:9, Color

Cyclon is On‘s approach to tackle the waste problem of our generation.
Today, most products are designed within a linear lifecycle. That means one straight line to the trash. Make-Use-Dispose. When apparel and footwear have a predetermined destiny to become waste, that results in harmful effects on our planet. But we think there’s a better way.
It’s called circularity.
Once upon a time, athletes were breaking records in leather shoes with hard soles. Then plastics emerged and changed the game. Now the game needs to change again. We take a look at the history of the running shoe, where we’re at today, and what’s on the horizon.
How do you engineer a shoe from castor beans? It might seem like magic, but really it's just science.
A two-time ISPO award recipient, the Cyclon running shoe will feature a 100% bio-based upper. Made from just a single cut of fabric, so there's zero waste and zero dyeing.
Just pure material and pure performance.

In nature, all things come to an end. But nothing goes to waste.
That's why we created Cyclon and its circular subscription service.
Discover how it works today.

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