Greenpeace – Fever

Commercial | 1:50 min | 2022 | Shining x Farbfilm

When director Samuel Morris was little, he always had a little stuffed animal monkey with him everywhere he went. He did practically nothing without her, told her all the secrets he knew, even took her to the kindergarten.
Now in his adult age, the monkey is not with him anymore. And the world has changed drastically in just a few years.
A few months ago we were approached by Greenpeace to make a film about climate change. Samuel wanted to put a small piece of himself in this story, which eventually turned out to be this perfect tragic analogy.
Client: Greenpeace |
Director: Samuel Morris |
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Marco Frei |
Sound Design: Jingle Jungle |
Sound Engineer: Kurt Human |
Music by: Gordian Gleiss |
Colorist: Nadia Khairat | hellonadiacolor
VFX Composito
r: Nicolas Bechtel |
Production Company: Shining & Farbfilm | /
Executive Producer: Stefan Bircher from Shining Film
Producer: Florian Brunner from Farbfilm
Production Manager: Yanik Zollinger |
    Voice Actors: Laura Mühlebach, Tiffany Clare, Dan Gates
    Cast: Eleni F. as Leonie
    Cast: Anina Sara Baumgartner as the Mother | @anina.sara
Cast: Christoph Zimmermann as the Father

16:9, Color

YT Channel Greenpeace Switzerland
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