Season 1

TV-Series, Drama / Comedy / Sci-Fi | 6x 30 min | 2024 | SRF
In 2003, musician Markus (Dimitri Stapfer) still has big dreams. He stands in for his hoarse sister Eva (theater actress Helen Wills in her first TV role) at the "MusicStar" casting. The two of them want to take their band, which they have with their best friend Robin (Kay Kysela), to the top of the charts. But Markus has stage fright. He swallows a tranquilizer pill given to him by a fellow band member.
His audition fails completely and from then on his life is paved with failures, bad luck and mishaps. When, on his fortieth birthday, he is mysteriously given the opportunity to contact his younger self by text message, he suddenly sees this as a chance to change his previously botched life and become a star. He warns himself not to take the pill - and sets off a chain reaction in various parallel worlds that turns his life completely upside down.
Client: SRF Swiss National Television
Director & Headwriter: Eric Andreae
Fanny Nussbaumer, Urs Humbel,
Adrian Aeschbacher, Julie Olympia Cahannes

Script Consultant: Piet Baumgartner
Film Editors: Alessandro Biffi, Aumary Berger, Lars Wicki,
Riccarda Schwarz, Roman Stocker, Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Cinematographer: Fabian Kimoto
Additional Camera:
Raphael Beinder
Steadicam Operator:
Sebastian Geret
Sound: Ivo Schläpfer

Original Score: Pablo Nouvelle

Sound Editor: Dario Auer
Sound Designer: Raphael Fluri
Assistant Sound Design: Maurizio Zulli
ADR Recordist: Dominik Beck
Foley Artist: Volker Armbruster
Foley Mixer: Marc Lehnert
Foley Editor: Michael Bötticher
Voice De-Aging: Roger Baltensperger
Mix: Benno Hofer
Voice Coach Dimitri Stapfer: Anna Känzig

Production Companies: Shining AG
Executive Producer: Sophie Toth
Line Producer:
Manuel Sieber, Sandy Blum
Production Coordination: Anne Sommer
Production Management: Matthias Meier

Script Supervisor: Seraina Scherini, Severin Gmünder, Hannah Lichtenstein
Head of Postproduction: Pascal Holzer
Postproduction Supervisor:
Editing Assistant: Fabienne Koch, Damiana
VFX: Das Alte Lager

VFX Supervisor & Pipeline: Valentin Huber
Digital De-aging: Lukas Bieri
VFX Artist: Robin Disch
VFX Artist: Ennio Ruschetti
Junior VFX Artist: Yusuf Röben
Graphics & Titles: Nevin George
Graphics & Titles Addition: Noel Oppliger
Colour Grading: Jürgen Kupka @Unsere Farben
Markus Birri - Dimitri Stapfer
Eva Birri - Helen Wills
Robin Ayden - Kay Kysela
Sandra Belart - Sylvie Marikovic
Pfleger und Stardiscounter Mitarbeiter "Noah" - Eric Lüthi
Moon - Aischa Hänggi
Star-Discounter Kunde - Aditotoro
Free Mäge Beleuchter - Manuel Sieber
Vinc Ayden - Rahim Lascandri
Leila - Palma Ada
MusicStar Moderatorin - Nina Havel
Star-Discounter Kunde - David "Didi" Karaman
Chris von Rohr - as himself
MusicStar Choreograph - Cheyenne Graham
MusicStar Aufnahmeleitung - Marnie Maren Müller
Luan - Adrian Kübler
MusicStar Juror Pea - Pea Weber
MusicStar Jurorin Shana - Sophie Toth
MusicStar Jurorin Antonella - Yeisa Salomon James
Baschi 2023 - Sebastian "Baschi" Bürgin

Editorial SRF: Bettina Alber, Babptiste Planche,
Béla Batthyany, Michael Brönnimann
Production Management SRF: Patric Rymann
With support from: Zürcher Filmstiftung, Film Commission Zurich,

Focal Stiftung Weiterbildung Film und Audiovision

16:9, Color
Copyright: SRF/Pascal Mora
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Episode 6  "Wer bisch du?"


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Interview with director Eric Andreae (German language)

Interview with Dimitri Stapfer (German language)

Interview with Executive Producer Sophie Toth

Interview with VFX Supervisor & Technical Director Valentin Huber

Article by Janine Durrer

Publication on persoenlich

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