Die Mobiliar – Wherever

Commercial | 2 min | 2021 | Stories

Strokes of fate and the resulting opportunities are shown in three independent narrative threads. And Mobiliar stands next to it and helps when it matters.
Sounds like great cinema? It is. The "Raison d'être" of Mobiliar was directed by Samuel Morris with great sensitivity and attention to detail. In the end, the result not only inspires the employees – but hopefully also whole Switzerland.
Client: Mobiliar | mobiliar.ch
Director: Samuel Morris | samuel-morris.com
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Fabio Tozzo | fabiotozzo.com
Sound Design: Jingle Jungle | jinglejungle.ch
Music by: Gordian Gleiss | tro.de
VFX: Juice | juice.pl
Production Company: Stories | stories.ch
Executive Producer: Cédric Marville
Line Producer: Manuela Rüegg & Lea Dettli | manuelarueegg.com / leadettli.ch
Postproduction Supervisor: Stefan Bucher
Postproduction Coordinator: Edoardo Moruzzi
Postproduction Operator: Céline Bindy

4:3 / 16:9, Color
YT Channel Mobiliar
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