Solace by On Running

Documentary, Branded Content | 45 min | 2021 | HILLTON
Karel Sabbe spent his childhood summers hiking in the wilderness. An avid explorer of natural environments, he set his mind to setting the fastest known times on the world's most brutal and beautiful trails. From the Pacific Crest to the Appalachian Trail, he's done that.
In the summer of 2021, Karel Sabbe ran the Via Alpina in just 30 days, the actual Fastest Known Time. Averaging two marathons on a daily basis, he navigated the route
14 days faster than anybody else. As well as the Alps, Karel overcame sleep deprivation, illness and extreme weather. And he did it all with a camera crew in tow, documenting every step.
In this new documentary, Solace, we joined him on what might be his most beautifully brutal adventure yet.
Get an unprecedented look at what it takes to achieve a Fastest Known Time.
This is the story of Karel's Via Alpina FKT.
Client: On Running |
Written by: Tom Gibbons & Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Director & Cinematographer: Tom Gibbons |
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Music by: Pablo Nouvelle feat. Shinya Blattmann |
Violin: Shinya Blattmann |
Sound Studio: Tonverein |

Sound Mix: Kurt Human & Julian Joseph | /

Color Grading Studio: SLGH |
Colorist: Samuel Muff |
Production Company: HILLTON |
Executive Producers: Jonatan O. Akay, Tobias Bonfanti & David Bertschinger Karg
Senior Producer: Mona Bertschinger, Alessandra Dolci
Creative Lead: Jonatan O. Akay / On
Copywriter: Joseph Birchenall / On
Head of Campaigns: Meike Buggert / On
Design Studio: Ny Studio |
Motion Graphics: Clara Herzberg
1st AC: Nathalie Kamber
Post Producer: Billy Bains
Assistant Editors: Yonca Ergen, Lou Staub & Jannis Davi
Additional Camera: Karel Sabbe, Henri De Veene, Joren Biebuyck, Klaas Tibout,
Dieter Loots, Nathalie Kamber, Florence Gross
Translation: Stijn Depoorter & Supertext

4K, 16:9, Color

This is the story of Karel Sabbe’s Via Alpina FKT.
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