Spotlight by Earthrise
in collaboration with Bloomberg's "Getting Warmer with Kal Penn"

Documentary, Explainer | 12 x 6 min | 2023 | Earthrise Studio x Bloomberg Originals

Introducing: Spotlight! 🔍
Over the past year, we’ve been working with Bloomberg Green on a 12-part series, presented by Alice Aedy and Jack Harries on some of the most innovative climate solutions around the world. Our Spotlight episodes live within Bloomberg’s show called Getting Warmer with Kal Penn. Spotlight is a 12-part series on climate solutions created in collaboration with Earthrise and Bloomberg Originals.

Series Producer & Director: Joi Lee |
Production: Earthrise Studio |
Presenter & Producer Alice Aedy & Jack Harries | YouTube Channel
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti & Vera Romanova
DoP: Isabella Rider |
Writer: Kathy Ahfid |
Story Producer & Archive Researcher: Mariana Surillo
Line Producer: Chloe Puttock
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Beatriz Patarata
Motion Designer: Patrice Gerber |
Sound Design: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Lighting: Luca Piercey
Executive Producers: John Fraher, Aaron Rutkoff, Amanda Kolson Hurley
Series Producer: Sophia Chalmer
Bloomberg Green Editorial Lead: Madison Paglia

16:9, Color
Find out more about Earthrise Studio:
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