Swisscom – #bereit

Commercial | 2x 1:30 min | 2023 | HILLTON

At the heart of our ever-evolving world, communication is the thread that binds us together. It's the force that empowers us to encourage, inspire, comfort, and share laughter with one another. In an era where challenges arise incessantly, it's the catalyst that keeps us prepared, connected, and ready to face the future.
For over 170 years, Swisscom is tirelessly committed to uniting Switzerland through groundbreaking technology. The’ve transformed the way Swiss citizens communicate. Through their unwavering dedication, they’ve witnessed the profound impact communication has on our lives in a world that constantly tests our limits. They’ve harnessed the latest technologies to ensure that Switzerland remains at the forefront of global progress.
It's what has allowed Switzerland to thrive for nearly two centuries, and it's what will propel us into the future. Together, we're ready for whatever lies ahead. Ready together.
Client: Swisscom |
Director: Alex Schiller |
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
DoP: Fabio Tozzo |
Music by: 2WEI |
VFX: Pascal Schelbli @ Pulk |
Production Company: Hillton |
Executive Producer: Mona Bertschinger
Postproduction Supervisor: Billy Bains

16:9, Color
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directed by Eugen Merher
directed by Tobias Bonfanti
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