The Pressure Game – In The Heart Of The Swiss National Football Team
Im Herzen der Schweizer Nati

Documentary Series, Portrait | 6x 30 min + Bonus Footage | 2023 | SRG SSR
The Pressure Game - In the Heart of the Swiss National Team" is a docutainment series with six 30-minute episodes. The focus is on the Swiss men's national football team - the Nati.
The documentary-series tells of the incredible pressure to which the players of the men's national team are subjected. The players tell surprisingly openly how they deal with the competition within the team, how much their responsibility to maintain a functioning body weighs on them and what it means to face the opponent in a full stadium. The race against time is omnipresent: one wrong decision, one injury or one superior player can decide a career. The players know that they are in the spotlight, that they are role models and that great expectations rest on their shoulders. Sometimes too big? The players and the staff speak unusually openly, honestly, emotionally and quite (self-)critically about all these topics. There are no taboos.

The series is produced by the Zurich-based film production stories AG in co-production with SRG and freshcom GmbH with the Swiss Football Association, which allows the camera team free access behind the scenes.
The series started broadcasting nationally from 21 March 2023 on all SRG SSR channels and via the streaming platform Play Suisse. International exploitation is also planned.
The series is based on an idea by Simon Helbling and Samy Ebneter. Simon Helbling is the director.
Client: SRF Swiss National Television
Director & Writer: Simon Helbling
Film Editors: Beni Fueter, Alessandro Biffi,
Cécile Welter, Celine Bindy,
Florian Geisseler, Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Cinematographer: Samy Ebneter
Additional Camera: Roman Peritz, Hamid Ahmadi, Fabian Kimoto
Sound: Kurt Human, Mourad Keller
Music: Adrian Frutiger, Fabian Sturzenegger
Production Companies: stories AG & freshcom GmbH
Executive Producer: Florian Nussbaumer
Line Producer: Debby Caplunik
Producer: Tobias Fueter, Yves Bollag, Adrian Frutiger
Script Consultants: Yasmin Jörg, Jeremias Dubno, Mämä Sykora, Debby Caplunik
Editing Assistants: Anahi Rodriguez, Stefan Spiess, Pavithra Paul, Dominik Rüegg
Head of Postproduction: Edoardo Moruzzi
Technical Lead: Stefan Bucher
Title Design & Animation: Cyril Gfeller
VFX: TAPE video and design studio
Colour Grading: Jürg Kupka @Unsere Farben
Sound Studio: Hastings AG
Producer: Yannick Schmucki
Language Versions & Mix: Riccardo Passani, Tino Marthaler
Sound Design Studio: Tonverein
Sound Editor: Julian Joseph
Sound Effects Editor: Kurt Human
Music Supervisor: Pirmin Marti
Music Editing: Martin Villiger, Martin Skalsky
Translation & Subtitling: Alias Film und Sprachtransfer GmbH
Equipment: Visuals AG, freshcom GmbH, FAIR&UGLY filmproduktion
Production Assistants: Lea Gioia Gloor, Henning Steinwarz, Niccolo Stibal
Accountant: Sandra Böhi
Communication/Legal: Bianca Zudrell
Editorial SRG/SSR:
Urs Augstburger (SRF), Philipp Stöckli (SRF), Bettina Hofmann (RTS), Claudio Lazzarino (RSI), Sven Wälti (SRG)
Archive SRF: Peter Stuber
Coordination & Consultation SFV: Adrian Arnold, Sergio Affuso, Stefan Baumgartner, Fabian Michel
Set Photography: Fabian Michel

Special Thanks

Paul Godefroy (Visuals), Christoph Fritschi (Visuals), La Famiglia, Erika Gritzfeld (freshcom), Jan Sobotkiewicz (freshcom), Roman Hess (freshcom), Cédric Baumgartner (freshcom), Ruben Assenberg van Eijsden (Eisbergproductions GmbH), Hermann Dörner (Team Liaison Officer), Arlette Zimmermann-Russi (UEFA). Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch UEFA und FIFA.

Many Thanks
Claude-Alain Steinmann, Astrid Hueni-Pilz (Grand Resort Bad Ragaz), Julien Thorens (UEFA), Headframepictures, Nicole Jörger, Isabelle Benoît, Franziska Märki, Roland Tobler, George Harbey (Nottingham Forrest), Dan Tolhurst (Arsenal), Lynne Chaney (Arsenal), FC Egerkingen (Junioren E), FC Härkingen (Junioren E), Mountain's Akt Davos, Le Forgeron Avenches.

16:9, Color

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