Season 3

TV-Series, Crime / Comedy | 5x 30 min | 2023 | SRF & Sky
No stone has been left unturned for the vaiaisanne police forces "Tschugger". The policemen and -women from the Upper Valais have been merged with the “Flics” from the Lower Valais (played, among others, by the West Swiss comedy duo Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon). Bax (David Constantin) tries to build up a new existence outside the Valais, which proves difficult. Pirmin (Dragan Vujic) enjoys with his wife Regina (Lena Furrer) being the freshly parents they became. But the past does not let them rest: A hidden will and two murders destroy the newfound peace and awaken the family.
That all also awakens the slumbering criminal instincts in Bax and Pirmin to new life. The two Tschugger get help from an old colleague to solve the case. And of course there is also a reunion with the ambitious rapper Valmira (Annalena Miano) and her manager Juni (Arsène Junior Page) - Valmira finally wants to take the next step in her career.
Client: SRF Swiss National Television & Sky
Director: David Constantin, Johannes Bachmann, Jelena Vujovic
Writer: David Constantin, Johannes Bachmann, Jelena Vujovic,
Fiona Schreier, Pascal Glatz, Christian Wehrlin, Arnold H. Bucher

Film Editors: Alessandro Biffi,
Claudio Cea, Lars Wicki,
Riccarda Schwarz, Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Cinematographer: Raphael Kistler
Additional Camera: Lukas Graf
Sound: Ivo Schläpfer, Benoit Barraud
Music: Massive
Production Companies: Shining AG
Executive Producer: Sophie Toth
Line Producer: Aminta Iseppi
Head of Postproduction: Pascal Holzer
Postproduction Supervisor: Lauro Jenni
Editing Assistant: Lars Wicki
Title Design & Animation: Pascal Schelbli
VFX: Das Alte Lager
Colour Grading: Jürgen Kupka @Unsere Farben

Editorial SRF: Bettina Alber, Benjamin Magnin
Production Management SRF: Patric Rymann

2:1, Color

Copyright: SRF/Dominic Steinmann

Episode 1  "Tabula Rasa"

Episode 2  "Toxisch"

Episode 3  "Bill Geits"

Episode 4  "Prepperling"

Episode 5  "Papatag"


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Interview with David Constantin (German language)

Interview with Mats Frey (German language)

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