Vulkan unter dem Haus

Documentary, Reportage | 29 min | 2024 | NZZ Format, SRF
Iceland's earth is spitting fire again. Only this time, the volcanic eruption does not occur in the vast Icelandic landscape, but in the immediate vicinity of the fishing village of Grindavik. The entire population has to be evacuated in November 2023. Bryndis Gunnlaugsdottir Holm is one of the 3,800 evacuated residents. Her house is narrowly spared by the approaching lava. A large crack runs through her garden. Entering it is life-threatening, the police warn. The ongoing earthquakes and eruptions have caused gigantic cavities to form under the city. Gregory De Pascale, Professor of Tectonics and Structural Geology at the University of Iceland, is sceptical as to whether normal life will be possible in Grindavik: "There are no structural solutions to counteract these forces," he explains. This would mean that the fishing village, located 55 kilometres southwest of Reykjavik, would remain a ghost town for the time being.
NZZ Format tells the story of a fishing village fleeing the lava.
Client: NZZ Format |
Writer & Director: Elena Horn |
Cinematographer: Alessandro Leonardi |
Film Editor: Dennis Gnoni Visconti
Music by: Ramon Kramer |
Sound Studio: Digiton |

Color Grading Studio: Kamerawerk |
Colorist: Christian Witschi |
Production Company: NZZ Format |
Editorial Office: Nicole Krättli
Head of NZZ Format: Markus Stein

16:9, Color

"There was never supposed to be a volcanic eruption in Grindavik, just around it."
– Bryndis Gunnlaugsdottir Holm –

"Like my wife always says, I have a mistress and it's a volcano." 
– Bjorn Steinbekk

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