Ciao, I'm Woodplant. I'm a Film Editor.

Some may call me Dennis Gnoni, others Antonio Visconti, even Franz Kappa, Roberto Panini, Giovanni Bialetti, or just Woodplant. Each one representing the ability to adapt and empathize with every new story and person that confronts me. Because there’s no such thing as rules that define motion pictures. Every piece of art has to go through its own birth. So call me whatever you‘d like but hit the button and get in touch for some exciting work together!

What would you tell your younger self?
TV-Series, 6x 30'
Directed and written by Eric Andreae
Can Bax and Pirmin save Valais from the end of the world, again?
TV-Series, 5x 30'
Directed and written by David Constantin
NZZ Format – Vulkan unter dem Haus
A fishing village flees from the lava
Documentary, 29'
Directed by Elena Horn
On – Solace
Could you run 2650 km across the Alps? Crossing 8 nations. Mastering 2 marathons daily.
Documentary, 45'
Directed by Tom Gibbons
The Pressure Game
In The Heart Of The Swiss National Team
Documentary, 6x 30'
Directed and written by Simon Helbling
Spotlight by Earthrise
In Collaboration with Bloomberg Green
Documentary/Explainer 12x 6'
Directed by Joi Lee
Mammut – Grit
Grappling with the extreme physical and mental demands that ultra distances entail, each runner must inevitably face the question: What is pushing the limits, and what is going too far?
Documentary, 28'
Directed by Tom Gibbons
Über Dagobert
Is this the truth once and for all?
Documentary, Portrait, Essay 16'
Directed by Roman Hodel
We Are Antarctica
And she is us.
Documentary/Essay, 8'
Directed by Jack Harries
Desert Dogs
follows two groups of adolescents who live life by their own rules, from one moment to the next. They represent what they call „the new generation of Morocco“, with the uprising Skateboarding culture in its center.
Documentary, 20'
Directed by Samuel Morris
On – This is the Cloudneo
The Cloudneo. Made of beans.
Commercial, 50''
Directed by ANIMALS
Swisscom – #bereit 2023
Stay connected, stay together.
Commercial, 2x 1:30'
Directed by Alex Schiller
Not only the fastest – but also fastest looking bike.
Branded Short Doc, 8'
Directed by ERTZUI
Die Nati
No balls, but horse tails.
Documentary, 92'
Directed by Raphael Drobi
Die Mobiliar – Bodenständig
Not all that glitters is gold.
Commercial, 30''
Directed by Tobias Fueter
Switzerland Tourism – My Swisstainable Journey
My Swisstainable Journey.
Commercial, Portrait, 6x 3'
Directed by Spencer MacDonald
Greenpeace – Fever
A few degrees can change everything.
Commercial, 2'
Directed by Samuel Morris
Coop Nevi 2021
The new flatmate
Commercial, 1:30'
Directed by Tobias Fueter
Swisscom – blue Play
Too much of the best.
Commercial, 4x 25''
Directed by Samuel Morris
A promising Swiss-Austrian economist turned Zen Buddhist invites you to a moment of stillness
Documentary, 5'
Directed by Chris Santiago
On – This Is Cyclon
The shoe you will never own.
Commercial, 3'
Directed by ANIMALS
Swisscom – #bereit
Wherever you are or want to live - Stay connected, stay in touch.
Commercial, 2'
Directed by Giger Brothers
Die Mobiliar – Wherever
Three stories, three lives, one insurance.
Commercial, 2'
Directed by Samuel Morris
On – Cloudultra
Tame every trail with the new Cloudultra.
Commercial, 48"
Directed by Matthias Kappeler
Villagers of a small community on the german-polish border begin to feel threatened from outside and decide to act autonomous to prevent more agitation.
Documentary, 20'
Directed by Hannes Schilling
The ex-local football star René "Bolzmann" Kleinschmidt wants to gain new recognition by winning a foosball tournament in his now gentrified corner pub in Berlin.
Fiction, 30'
Directed by Janis Westphal
Fragmente eines Abschieds
A young girl is confronted with the sudden death of her father.
Fiction, 15'
Directed by Michael Karrer
Black Sea Dahu
Live at Via Felsenau
Music Video / Live Session, 21'
Directed by Michael Schwendinger
EZL – My Home. My Energy.
Lars Forster takes a ride to his front door
Commercial, 50"
Directed by Yves De Prà
Swisscom Clash
In this 8-part-series, young people, who couldn't be more different meet for an intercultural exchange.
Webseries / Commercial, 3x 10'
Directed by ANIMALS, Wendy Pillonel & Luisa Ricar
Läderach Chocopops
Swiss chocolate & mundane popcorn.
Commercial, 20"
Directed by Simon Ruschmeyer
The Achocolypse
Everything in this video is made out of chocolate or other edibles.
Commercial, 2'
Directed by Simon Ruschmeyer
SRF Late Update
Promotional Teasers for Michael Elsener's "Late Update", a late night show for Swiss international television.
Commercial, 2x 30"
Directed by Mike Ferrara
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